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NonProfit PRO magazine, published six times per year, is considered by many to be the sector’s leading source of strategic fundraising information.

14,200+ magazines in circulation


Website is where nonprofit leaders go for information and advertisers get the results.

34,000+ average monthly unique visitors



NonProfit PRO Today delivers cutting-edge trends, thoughtful commentary and relevant news from recognized industry experts across the country.

27,000+ delivered daily


Custom Services

The NonProfit PRO team can create the content you need to help get your exact message out. From custom white papers to best practice surveys, infographics and charts, we can support your content marketing efforts.


Custom Research

The NonProfit PRO Research team can craft custom research solutions that leverage engaged audience and subject matter expertise to give you the data and insight you need to grow your business or develop your brand with thought leadership.

Thousands of downloads per year


Webinars are full-service, turnkey marketing opportunities that generate qualified leads and enhance your brand.

420 average registrants per webinar


List Rental & Pay-Per-Leads

Fill your sales funnel quickly with solo e-blasts to NonProfit PRO’s responsive email list or take advantage of a customized pay-per-lead program.

32,000+ qualified and e-mailable addresses
54,000+ custom leads

Custom Video

NonProfit PRO can help bring your brand to life and help you interact with customers in a whole new way. Our tailor-made professional videos can focus on your organization, products, events, custom content and more!

Live & Custom Events

NonProfit PRO offers powerful events designed to get you in front of your target audience. 2020 will include our signature event with engaging content and unparalleled networking opportunities.


NonProfit POWER


NonProfit POWER is the only hosted-buyer event that brings together highly-qualified nonprofit and fundraising executives who are responsible for purchasing and implementing technology, with industry-leading solutions providers of the technology tools and platforms that are transforming the industry. NonProfit POWER’s purpose is to Empower Nonprofits with Technology and we do so by bringing the right people together for the right conversations.

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